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Club Information

LCI Id 41546
AIN 374325469
Email 04c87eecd87ba0a1c15a8557fbca4b6b07bcce50
Address Haselbacher Gehweg 22
5280 Braunau
Meetings 1st and 3rd Wednesday, 19:30
Pommers Schlosstaverne

Wertheimerplatz 6a
AT-5280 Ranshofen
Name of the Bank Oberbank Braunau
IBAN (main account) AT62 1504 0002 0100 3456
District 114 M
Region 114 M-1
Zone 114 M-16
Date foundation 28/06/82
Charter night 06/11/82
Sponsor Salzach Oberndorf Laufen (AT)
Twinning clubs Überwald Weschnitztal (DE)
LC Braunau
48.231716 13.018071